Well September has rolled around again, and we’re back at school.

What a summer it was! We ran two weeks of Summer School at Malbank and launched a new one at Shavington. The work produced within these sessions was spectacular and diverse. We went on space missions, explored haunted villages, fought with kites to resolve family disputes, discovered the meaning of happiness, and community and so much more!


You might think that after that we’d be exhausted, but no dice… We are rested, refreshed, reinvigorated, resolute and ready to get stuck into the new school year. Saturday morning drama got off to a flying start last weekend, and beginning this Friday is our new venture #TYAFriday; for ages 14 to 40 and beyond, we will be beginning with acting lessons, including voice and movement, and then starting to workshop our own production of Frankenstein. To be performed at Christmas.


We’re excited to be working with partners old and new this term and see some really exciting projects coming along. It’s going to be a busy year!