What is true? How do we gather knowledge?

How do we know that we know the things that we know?

Why must we ask such maddeningly obtuse questions?


All these and more will be explored in our new workshop, using the work of Galileo Galilei as a starting point to explore the nature of truth. Challenging paradigms of thinking and using empathy to make informed and fair decisions in life is the aim of this session.

Using┬áthe method of the Trivium; we begin with the grammar and the historical facts of Galileo’s story. His knowledge of the Copernican model of the universe where the Earth was no longer placed at the centre of everything, his observations through the telescope giving him the evidence he needed to overturn conventional wisdom, and the subsequent condemnation he received. Dialectic exploration of both sides of the debate will follow, using Teacher in Role, hotseating and philosophical questioning.

To conclude, the participants use their rhetorical skills to present their new invention: the Veritascope! Through this, one can see the true nature of the universe and how this could change paradigms of thought and society.