For Young People


By working with teachers and their students, we create a learning journey that aims to challenge, support and reinforce the writing and creativity of students across all key stages. We can work in any subject area and offer opportunities for teachers to utilise the Mantle of the Expert and Process drama techniques. These techniques empower the students by allowing them to have creative control over the unfolding narrative.

Our learning programmes can be designed for children from Foundation right up to A-Level. We also offer these as individual workshops or a series of workshops both inside or outside school hours.

We weave aspects of Citizenship and PSHCE into our workshop content, as we believe that drama and the creative arts are captivating platforms in which young people can develop skills in debating, independent thinking and self-expression.



Full day session or twilight (evening sessions)

We offer training and consulting sessions on using creative-based approaches to learning and teaching in the National Curriculum. Geoff - our Creative Director - specialises in the drama based technique of Mantle of the Expert. This is widely used for raising Literacy engagement across the curriculum.


We would be excited to work with you at your school. If you are interested in one of our workshops you can get in touch with us here.

For Businesses


Our interactive workshops bring your training subjects to life. In order to get a clear picture of your business needs, we look at any policies and any training you have already carried out. We then develop a number of scenarios and a script based on your needs and deliver this on site. Taking the hassle out of training. Group discussions are encouraged to improve team communication and problem solving.

Example topics we may cover include; work based relationships, bullying in the workplace and equality and diversity training.

There are huge benefits to using theatre based training in a business.

  • It caters to all learning styles as it is interactive, visual and auditory.
  • The group workshop environment encourages communication and builds team spirit and collaboration.
  • We do the work for you. All we need are your policies/protocols and some example scenarios to get us started and we develop a workshop tailored to your needs.
  • A workshop focuses on the rights and responsibilities of your employees and by doing so streamlines the efficiency of your team as a whole.
  • It’s fun! It’s a big step away from the lackluster health and safety Powerpoints of the past.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer your business you can contact us here.

In the Community

We create workshops that combine local businesses or organisations with primary and secondary education in the community.Examples of our work include:

Bridgemere- Eco Project: Key stages 1&2

  • This workshop focuses on Ecology and environmental studies and children learn how to apply their horticultural knowledge in a practical session. They design and create their own garden after inspiration from a story about a king and his daughter, who both follow different journeys of flora discovery. (This is a full day workshop or 2x half days)

We run three workshops at Nantwich Museum

  • World War 1 Refugees - Using vibrant storytelling, art and creative writing the students explore the story of the Belgian refugees who came to Nantwich following the outbreak the war.
  • John Gerard - Students are taken on a historical walk around Nantwich accompanied by the character of John Gerard, a herbalist from the 16th century. This workshop aims to spark interest and educate the students about Tudor times.Timothy Fivestep - This is a literacy project, in which the students use surreal sculpture as a starting point to create their own imaginary world and the stories that are contained within.

If you like the sound of these workshops they can be adapted and brought to your school. Please contact us for more details..