Winter has slunk away for the time being and the first delicate blossoms are visible around town. Birds are singing in the trees and the sky seems to get bluer every day. Spring is here!

Of course it was inevitable that on our first test of the Incredible Garden workshop at Bridgmere that it would rain, for what is an English springtime without capricious weather interfering with plans?


However despite that a great day was had by all. The students were excited to follow the story of Princess Rose and her grumpy father and they created some beautiful drama pieces to show how a strong-willed girl chose her own path in life, one dedicated to ecology and the beauty of nature. With postcards and fact files on their favourite plants, and even a lesson on potting flowers to take away with them, it was definitely a lovely experience.


With the seasons changing, now the time is ripe for more drama outside. Time to use the beautiful countryside and the heritage contained within it.

What stories will you be exploring this spring? Leave us a comment below and let’s share some ideas…